Black Gold

Black Gold

Designed for active dogs – hunting, pulling, etc, – Black Gold dog foods are highly nutritious and very palatable.  They have been the “main stay” at CW Feeds for the past 10 years.  Products in stock are:

  • BG Performance 26-18 (black bag)
  • BG Trainers 24-12
  • BG Premium 24-20
  • BG Premium 22-12 (lamb meal and rice)
  • BG Ultimate Adult 25-14 (chicken and rice)
  • BG Hi Energy 24-20
  • BG Ultimate Puppy 30-20
Black Gold Puppy GraphicBlack Gold Performance Blend Graphic

Black Gold Chicken and Rice Graphic

Black Gold High Energy Graphic

Black and Gold Trainers Blend Graphic

Black Gold Dog Food Graphic