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Feed Ingredients

Feed Ingredients

CW Feed has a large variety of FEED INGREDIENTS – listed below are a small sampling of items in stock. With these ingredients, you’ll be able to create a perfect feed specifically for your animal’s needs. Our knowledgeable staff can help identify the best ingredients for your animal, and put together a great blend just for you.


Alfalfa Bales                    Alfalfa Pellets                 Alfalfa Cubes                     Beet Pulp Shredds/ Pellets

Blood Meal                       Bran                            Calcium                           Cottonseed Hulls

Diatomaceous Earth       Dical 18%                       Fish Meal                         Hydrated Lime

Linseed Meal                     Lysine                          Mag Ox                            Magnesium Sulfate

Medications                      Molasses (dry)                  Pork Scraps                       Stock Salt/Blocks

Soybean Meal                   Urea (feed grade)           Yeast                             MANY OTHER ITEMS